Benefits of a membership

The main benefit of the ETS is to bring together embryologists, reproductive toxicologists, epidemiologists, and clinicians and to promote the exchange of information about the causes as well prevention of adverse effects on reproduction and embryo-fetal development.

In addition, each ETS member obtains a reduced congress fee for the annual ETS meetings.

Due to the sustaining membership sponsoring concept, young scientist can apply for financial support by means of a travel grant for the annual meetings.


If you want to apply for membership, please fill out the membership application form. Your membership application has to be recommended by two ETS members. Both have to sign the application form as well. Click on the following link to download the ETS membership application form.


Subscription payments

The annual subscription for membership of the ETS is 55 €. Notification of payment (to members 4 years or less in arrears) is posted once per annum and receipts are only issued upon request.

Methods of Payment:

  • By crossed cheque (drawn in Euro, made payable to ETS) and sent to the treasurer.
  • In cash or by cheque (as above) to the treasurer at the annual ETS meetings.
  • By credit card (please, download the credit card authorization form)
  • By bank transfer









Last Updated: 24 January 2019